Endo – Time for Action!

So, last month we focused on women’s health – and in particular, supporting people with endometriosis.

You may have heard that March is Endometriosis Action Month.

I like this title because it’s not just an ‘Awareness’ month: it’s an ‘Action’ month. The focus being, getting things done.

Endometriosis UK is leading some of the action in the UK. In Endometriosis Action Month, there is an enormous range of powerful activities that we can get involved in, such as:

  • Sharing your story – whether you are an endo (or adenomyosis) sufferer, or you are supporting someone who is.
  • Writing to your MP – lobby the heart of government for better services.
  • Raise funds and awareness, through Tea for Endo / The 1 in 10 Challenge / Go Yellow / Donating.
  • Attend virtual and in-person events involving politicians and guest speakers from Westminster, Scotland and Wales.
  • Attend an Endo march in either Leeds, Glasgow or Cardiff.* (Details to be confirmed.)

And this is not just a UK event – it’s a global affair.

If you can’t make an event in person, why not attend The Worldwide Virtual Endo March on Saturday, March 25th ?

And then that leaves us with how to cope on a day-to-day level.

Of course, the big events are so important, but what happens to help us deal with:

  • Feelings of guilt, embarrassment or not being believed?
  • Diagnosis and navigating the medical world?
  • Pain?
  • Facing surgery?
  • The surgery itself?
  • Recovering from surgery?
  • Life after surgery?

Who can we turn to?

In our hypnotherapy work together, we can address:

  • Recognition of how much you are really going through – with compassion, support and total trust.
  • Reclaiming who we are – because we are so much more than a diagnosis.
  • Coping with diagnosis and having confidence when navigating officialdom, as well as dealing with life as a whole.
  • Pain management.
  • Ways forward when living with endo and adenomyosis.
  • Preparation for surgery.
  • Strategies for post-op recovery and healing.


Contact me to see how we can work together.