The Neuroscience Bit

So, what’s the connection between Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and how our brain works? Well, here’s a little bit of the neuroscience. When we are awake and alert, dealing with the demands of our day, our rational, intellectual conscious mind is busy firing away, trying to make sure that we deal with whatever comes our way.

Alongside that intellectual mind is our subconscious mind and our ancient primitive brain, which is responsible for kicking in our fight or flight responses. It’s constantly scanning for dangers, logging previous threats and pattern matching potential new ones – a bit like a brainy game of Snap. When it finds a match, it triggers a series of responses in our Sympathetic Nervous System that makes us react urgently so that we are safe, making us fight a threat, or run away from something, for example.

And whilst that subconscious mind and primitive brain has the overwhelmingly positive intention of keeping us safe, sometimes the outcomes can simply be too much for us. And that’s when we might end up struggling with anxiety, poor sleep, tummy issues, enhanced sense of pain, a sense that the symptoms of chronic illness are worsening and even unwanted behaviours.

In Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, we guide clients into a relaxed state of trance, encouraging our soothing Parasympathetic Nervous System to ease how we feel, allowing the subconscious mind to engage and recognise alternative, positive ways of approaching a preferred future.