Workplace Support

As a compassionate employer or leader, you already know the benefits of supporting your workforce, though there are some sobering statistics to remind us exactly why it is so important.

The UK government has declared that “supporting mental health in the workplace has never been so important”. Poor mental health costs employers between £33 billion and £42 billion a year; it costs the UK economy between £74 billion and £99 billion a year (Scully, 2021). We are told that we are facing a “mental health crisis”, not only for our employees, but for employers as well. Since COVID, unsurprisingly perhaps, 82% of small business owners report a decline in their mental health (

The mental health charity, MIND, offers some stark findings on mental wellbeing in the workplace: 1 in 5 people state they have resorted to ringing in sick because of anxiety in the workplace; 42% of employees have considered resigning because of stress; this converts to an actual 14% resignation rate; 30% of staff feel they could not talk openly to their line manager about stress; 56% of employers would like to do more for staff wellbeing but are not sure how.

Contact me to talk through the needs of your organisation and together, we can create a high calibre package of mental health support that can help you, your team and your business thrive.