About Me

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I’m privileged to work alongside so many people, from all walks of life, who’ve sought help for a range of concerns.

And I never forget that: the invitation to walk with on your journey is a real privilege.

A former specialist Accident and Emergency nurse with 18 years’ experience, a qualified teacher and senior leader in a large, complex and outstanding secondary school for a similar length of time, I draw on my lifelong experience of supporting others at key points in their life to get results.

With a particular interest in Hypnotherapy to support people with anxiety, chronic pain and chronic illness – notably within women’s health – when clients talk about my compassion or my kindness, it’s simply because that’s the baseline of our work together and a way of demonstrating that inherent sense of privilege.

I’m not here to judge; I’m not here to push you into decisions you’re not ready to make; I’m not here to manipulate you into taking directions that you don’t want to take.

My role is to help you facilitate change. Change that comes from within you.

And people can change. And people do change.

  • When clients overcome long standing gut issues … that is change.
  • When clients finally manage to sort out their sleep … that is change.
  • And when clients are able to ease the devastating anxiety associated with chronic ill health … that is change.
  • And when other clients are able to sense control over their pain and mobility … that is change.

If you are looking for change, even if you’re not really sure what you want, or how to do it, please – get in touch.

I can’t wait to chat with you.