We are all different. Therefore, the number of hypnotherapy sessions a person may benefit from will vary and we’ll talk through these details during our Initial Consultation.

Individual Support

  • Initial phone call: free.
  • Initial Consultation (50 minutes), plus free relaxation audio: £50.
  • General hypnotherapy sessions (50 minutes): £70 each.
  • Specific phobia support is usually in blocks of four: the initial consultation and 3 additional hypnotherapy sessions = £260.
  • Stopping smoking  – complete treatment session (one 90-120 minute session): £150.

The information on ‘Our Hypnotherapy Sessions’ page will give you some additional ideas about the numbers of sessions that may be useful.

Private Medical Insurance

Note that some private medical insurance may cover the costs of hypnotherapy and certain providers of private health cash plans may offer you some reimbursement of costs.