Anxiety and Anxiety Related Issues

How would it be to wake up feeling thoroughly refreshed, relaxed and confident enough to deal with whatever life offers you that day … and the next day … and the next day … how does that feel?

Freedom from anxiety can transform our lives. It’s that simple.

And we can work together with Hypnotherapy for change. It’s that simple.

Anxiety can be associated with many issues – some obvious and some not so obvious. For example:

  • Blushing excessively
  • Driving, flying and other travel-related concerns
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Fertility and reproductive concerns
  • Gut issues, such as IBS
  • Headaches
  • Low self esteem
  • Lack of confidence
  • OCD
  • Panic attacks
  • Physical ailments and illnesses, such as worsening skin conditions and enhanced pain
  • Poor sleep
  • Performance issues in work
  • Relationship issues

Maybe just now, your life is characterised by certain feelings of anxiety – they might ebb and flow, or they might be there all the time, niggling away in the background, or even looming large. Or more likely, a bit of all of those things. And it might be that not everyone knows, because perhaps you don’t feel you can possibly share this information (or the full extent of it) – not in work, not at home, not with your friends…

It might even be that if you wanted to share it anyway, you wouldn’t know how to, maybe because there don’t seem to be the right words, or that you worry it might affect your relationship with other people. That old fear of feeling judged. So you might just be getting on with your life, looking for all the world to everyone else like everything is fine. Sound familiar?

Or … you might not feel that you are anxious. It could well be that you just know something isn’t right.

Experiencing anxiety and putting up with the issues it fires up does not mean you’re weak. It’s not a consequence of failing to pull yourself together. If it was that easy, you’d have already done it. It could be a consequence of how your brain is trying to protect you – by putting measures in place to protect you, even if those measures make you feel bad. Seeking support for these issues is however, action that is worthy of compassion and respect. It’s a big and exciting step that you’re taking.

You might also feel that other people have a life that’s much sunnier than yours, or they seem to just effortlessly sail through their days. Luckier somehow. In fact, I’d argue that all of us have issues in our lives that can provoke anxiety; no matter how hard we try, we simply can’t always influence everything that happens in our lives.

What we can do though, is influence how we respond to those issues. And I don’t mean that we suddenly have to start thinking about flowers or trees or cute little animals (nice as they are) or be globally passive and dismissive about things. Not so. Not so at all. Rather, we work together with hypnotherapy so that we are equipped to deal with whatever comes our way – and to react flexibly and appropriately.

When we work together with hypnotherapy, we can directly influence the brain’s choice of protective strategies, so that it offers you alternative ways to say, deal with that meeting, or that journey, or that tummy issue that used to stop you in your tracks.

Anxiety does not have to be your constant companion … maybe, just maybe, it’s time for you now … for a change.