Driving – Cruise Control Driving Programme

Imagine being able to jump in the car and just go, with confidence, even with excitement, and just head off happily to wherever you want to go.

Imagine being able to take that driving test, with nerves well and truly under control.

Imagine being able to travel to that big event and actually enjoy it – and even look forward to it, savouring the memories of the build-up, as well as the big day itself.

Right now, it might not feel like that could ever be you.

But it could be. The Cruise Control Driving Programme* could help you.

Perhaps you’ve rationalised. You’ve given yourself a good talking to. You’ve tried to toughen up.

And yet things haven’t improved enough for you.

You see, sometimes, despite our greatest efforts, it can be difficult to overturn the way our mind has been conditioned to operate. Often, we don’t know why we are thinking, feeling and behaving as we are.

In Cruise Control*, we learn about our subconscious mind and how it is a powerhouse of defence, keeping us safe us from things we didn’t even consciously know we needed to be protected from – including getting in that car. It will go to enormous lengths to do just this – even if the end results feel too extreme to deal with.

And because our brain is so good at learning, it can re-learn. It can re-set. It can re-wire.

And that’s what we work on together in Cruise Control.* Re-learning. Re-setting. Re-wiring.

Working together with hypnotherapy, we can help you to jump in that car, take that test, travel to that big day, feeling calm, confident and very much in control.

*The Cruise Control Driving Programme is made up of one Initial Consultation, followed by three therapy sessions.