Flying – The Skylark Programme

The holiday of your dreams. A cheeky weekend away. A vital business meeting. Your honeymoon.

Travelling by plane can open up the world for some of us – but it can also cause some of us to just shut down, gripped by fear.

In the UK, it’s thought that about 1 in 10 people struggle with the emotions around flying, possibly more. It might be a result of previous disturbing experiences or even seeing other people with a fear of flying; it might be down to feeling claustrophobic; you might not actually know why you’ve suffered as you have.

And maybe you find yourself avoiding thinking about travel – maybe putting off the idea of travelling abroad because of that plane journey. Or you bite the bullet and book that trip – and then do your best to ignore the impending journey, because it’s just way too difficult.

Yet, whatever the cause of your fears and whatever you need to jump on that plane for, it can be possible.

It’s possible to enjoy browsing through travel brochures and look forward to planning itineraries with loved ones for your journey.

It’s possible to feel excited on the journey to the airport and then effortlessly wander onto that plane.

And it’s possible to enjoy every minute of your trip, without thoughts of that return flight getting in the way.

Our Skylark Flying Programme* offers hypnotherapy to gently help you overcome the difficulties around travelling by plane.

So now, grant yourself permission to take off – and confidently soar to your fullest potential.


*The Skylark Flying Programme is made up of one Initial Consultation, followed by three therapy sessions.