Welcome to Phil Noone Hypnotherapy

Hello and the warmest of welcomes to Phil Noone Hypnotherapy.

Firstly, let’s be clear that my website, my blog and my work is about you. Not me. Not my interests. Not my favourite jolly hols or footy team. You. And I’ll say it again because you are so important: it’s all about you.

Chances are, you’re here because you’re a bit curious about what hypnotherapy is. You might be here because you’re looking for a way to work on certain areas of your life. Or you might be considering how you can help members of your team or workforce. And it’s right to do your homework about this exciting and life changing work.

So, let’s put things in perspective. You are seeking ways to do some maintenance on nature’s finest feat of engineering: the human mind. Well, that sounds like a big ask.

But, when you think about it, we don’t hesitate to book the car into the garage to fill up, sort out the tyres or even pencil it in for a cheeky valet. So, we’re happy to look after the hardware.

When you think about it, we don’t necessarily hesitate too much to book ourselves in for a new hairdo – perhaps add that perfect colour, maybe splash out on those luscious lashes, big up the brows and glitz up those nails? So, we’re happy to look after the outer-ware.

When you think about it, we might find ourselves planning perfect meals, counting calories and devouring Tik Tok diets and recipes so that we look after the inner-ware.

And then, the obvious question is: if we are prepared to look after so many other areas of our life, why do we delay in looking after Wellbeing Central? Our brain. Our mind. Nature’s finest feat of engineering …

And another question is: when we do look after our cars, looks, diet – what’s the return on that investment? Short lived explosion of happiness or long term contentment?

We all know Wellbeing Central matters. You matter. Come on in and let me help guide you to a new and exciting future.


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