Therapy Sessions

Each session is around 50 minutes. During the first part of the session, we’ll focus together on positives and goals; the second part of the session is when we enjoy the lovely relaxing trance, during which time our subconscious mind supports what we want to be different in our lives. Some people choose to rest back in a comfortable chair, others choose to lie on the couch to savour the restful and healing work that we are doing together.

The single session that we do together for stopping smoking is longer, at 90-120 minutes. We still focus on positives and we still use trance to help us work towards a smoke-free future.

Work around specific phobias (such as fear of the dentist or of creepy crawlies) are generally in a block of three sessions.

For other issues, people often find great benefits from the first few sessions but may need further ones to embed the changes needed for their preferred future. We don’t drag appointments out unnecessarily and on average, people choose to have between 8 – 12 sessions. These can be booked one at a time, so you don’t have to commit to a large number of appointments from the beginning. Some people choose to come back and have ‘top up’ sessions at the end of their course of treatment and this is absolutely fine!

To start with, we’ll have weekly sessions. After a while, we might extend these to two or three weekly, depending on how you feel.

We work side-by-side, together. But you are in charge. You’ll know when things feel improved enough for you to discontinue our work together. Of course, I will be there to support you as you make your decisions.